May 15, 2017

But First, Coffee Infused with Vitamins? Yes Please! VitaCup Coffee and Tea Pods for Keurig

But first, coffee!  If that’s how you start out your day, you have to check out the brand new company VitaCup.  They make VitaCup Coffee and Tea Pods for single serve coffee brewers (like Keurig) infused with essential vitamins!

So you get your vitamins, just by drinking your morning cup of coffee…genius!  As a busy mama with two kids, who let’s be honest, is NOT a morning person, I kind of can’t function without coffee.  I need it to kick my brain into gear and slowly start my day.  Though let’s be honest again, my day never starts slowly because I have two kids!  They need to be dressed, fed and hustled out the door.

And if you know anything about kids, they are super energetic at all times EXCEPT when trying to leave the house.  So basically I need to be on my “A game” every morning in case Harper ends up trying to serve tea to her dollies in her playhouse when we have three minutes to get my son to school.

I’ve been taking vitamins every day since I was a teenager, as I don’t absorb b-vitamins very well and they are critical to maintaining energy and feeling good.  So having vitamins IN MY COFFEE saves me time, and I will reveal yet another thing about me, I often end up forgetting to take my vitamins.  I just am moving too slowly or focused on other things and forget.

And have you ever tried taking b-12 vitamins at night?  Good luck sleeping girly!

That’s why I made the switch to VitaCup.  I love their blends like French Vanilla and French Roast, and for the days I am going without coffee, I opt for the Green Tea.  (I went an ENTIRE week last weeks sans coffee!).

Their vitamins are chosen to enhance peak bodily function, help to combat fatigue, boost immunity, and speed up the metabolism.  Each roast features the brand’s signature vitamin blend of B1, B5, B6, B9 (folic acid), B12, D3, and antioxidants. The Green Tea adds a powerful combination of Matcha and Moringa to the mix.

As someone with an autoimmune disease, I get sick a LOT.  Every time one of my kids brings home a cold, I am probably going to get it UGH.  That’s another reason vitamins are so important for me to take.

And let’s be honest, whose metabolism hasn’t slowed down since having kids?  MINE HAS.  VitaCup’s founder and CEO Brandon Fishman was inspired to create VitaCup in 2015 after he consulted a naturopathic doctor, who specialized in hormones, lifestyle medicine, and clinical nutrition, to find out why he felt chronically unwell.

He frequently came down with colds, normal workouts drained him, and he endured inexplicable hangovers after just 1-2 drinks. Blood panels showed Brandon was severely deficient in vitamins B1 (thiamine) and B12. Without sufficient B1, he couldn’t properly metabolize alcohol, and he was suffering from adrenal fatigue due to a lack of B12 – hence the exhaustion and hangovers.

And just a side note, I have done yearly cleanses for adrenal fatigue since I had Harper and I have been on a thyroid medication for the past three years.  Pregnancy hormones do amazing things like producing children, but they also can really throw your body out of balance.

Brandon found out he wasn’t alone. Studies show almost half the population is low in vitamins B12 and D, and 25 percent in vitamin B6 – a figure that climbs to 75 percent for women taking birth control pills. And while vitamin-deficiency is common, many people never even realize they’re suffering from it.

Once I started drinking these pods, my energy levels really soared.  And I am not alone!  Who doesn’t want to combine the task of vitamin-taking by combining it with a universal morning ritual: coffee?

Another thing I love about VitaCup pods is they contain coffee from Fair Trade sources in regions of South and Central America.

Since I am dairy and gluten free, I made sure to check and all of the products are free of gluten, dairy and soy. Reducing waste and minimizing the carbon footprint is a chief component of the company’s mission; the pods are fully recyclable and produced in a LEED-certified facility. VitaCup employs nitrogen-packing to vacuum-seal each pod, which reduces oxidation and ensures a fresh, gourmet taste with every brew.

VitaCup products are available now for purchase on in 16- to 128-count multipacks, ranging from $25-$150.

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This Post is sponsored by VitaCup.  Sponsored posts reflect my own opinions, and I only partner with products and brands that I truly believe in, have tried personally and enjoy.

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