June 13, 2017

This Is How A Modern Mom Shops, With Cocktails + Conversation

There’s nothing more intoxicating than being surrounded by smart, motivated, successful women.

Now imagine being able to shop while meeting other women, chatting, mingling, hearing their thoughts on your selections, being encouraged to try new items.  It’s how the modern mom shops, in a comfortable setting, with some drinks, snacks and no pressure from shop girls, horrible lighting or mirrors that accentuate your least loved parts.

Introducing Cabi Clothing, a company that is empowering women to be entrepreneurs and launch their own businesses.  For each new business launched, Cabi gives a micro-loan to a woman in a developing country to start a business.

I absolutely love businesses that give back and empower women to create their own destiny.  It’s something that we often take for granted here in the US, but in many countries, women do not have access to the same resources as we do here.

Speaking of women, I spent a night with the Cabi team and some incredible female influencers, and the conversations that flowed were so inspiring!  It reminds me of one of my core principals, that girls complete, but as women, we need to empower each other.

So many people view the world as a fixed pie.  If someone else gets something, then you don’t get it.  This game theory view of the world sets you up for constant conflict, and I believe is a huge impediment to career growth and personal development.

The pie isn’t fixed. It’s growing, it’s changing and evolving.  Don’t worry about what anyone else if doing, you do YOU!

I’m a firm believer in this and always do my best to support, encourage and cheer on other women in so many ways (honestly I do this EVERY day!)

But too often we fall into this trap  a super negative, the grass is always greener, why did she get x and I didn’t trap. Social media can build community, but it can also divide because people feel jealous, left out, and upset

As mamas, it’s our job to model who we want our children and our girls to be. I want my daughter to know she can become anything she wants, because she CAN! My mom always instilled this belief in me. Ain’t no mountain high enough!

Please don’t get sucked into that vortex of feeling less than because your body doesn’t look like someone else’s, your pictures aren’t as crisp and white or filtered the same way. You are JUST seeing the BEST moments of a day. Please don’t let anyone make you feel less than, because you are YOU and not THEM. And you may be comparing your chapter 2 to my chapter 14 or second book.

You do YOU BABE! You will succeed because you are unique, not because you are trying to be like someone else.

Cabi Clothing inspires women to feel their best, bringing gorgeous clothing that’s better quality than Loft but not super expensive to a house shopping party, where you have friends and other women to tell you what works and what risks to take.

Because we should all be so lucky to be surrounded by incredible women, even if you are just shopping

So go on and have your own #CabiConversation.  Host a shopping night or find one in your area.  Make new friends, enjoy some snacks and great conversation and have a fun night, all while “shopping!”


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