October 24, 2019

10 SIGNS That Shows You’re An LA Mom

10 SIGNS That Shows You're An LA Mom

Are you wondering what LA Moms are like or what it feels like to be a mom living in Los Angeles?

From one LA mom to another or prospective LA moms I have put together a list of signs to show that you are an a mom living in LA just to give you insight on this!

10 SIGNS That Shows You're An LA Mom

1) You Know You’re An LA Mom When you get at least some of your groceries delivered (Amazon prime, Google express, door dash, yummy, etc)

2) You Know You’re An LA Mom When you don’t go to the store and just buy things. You stand there and look up the ingredients on your phone, and of course you need to check the reviews. You may just buy it online then too, who needs the hassle of buying things in store?

3) You Know You’re A Mom living in LA When you do your grocery shopping in at least two stores every week, sometimes more. Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Target, the grocery store…

4) you own at least two strollers, probably three by the time your child is one.

5) a baby carrier is called “an ergo” like a tissue is called “a Kleenex”

6) your medicine cabinet contains oils or homeopathic medicine or herbs or some combo of all three.

7) you have been to the pool or beach and seen at least one new mom with a two week old and perfectly flat abs. You may be that mom

8) you collect baby and toddler products like other people collect shoes.

9) your closet consists of Toms, Flip Flops, and flats with the occasional heel. The pair of heels may be Toms

10) you don’t understand why stores don’t sell bathing suits year round.

Are you a mom already living in Los Angeles? or are you considering to move to LA? I would definitely love to know!

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