August 30, 2020

My Best 5 Fashion Tips And Rules

My Best 5 Fashion Tips And Rules

I have always wanted to share some of my best fashion tips and rules to help other moms who would love some help with dressing not just themselves but their kids, so if this is you then you should read this!

I am slightly obsessed with dressing my children.  Seriously, who can resist a well-dressed child?

I live by a few rules in life, and many of them include fashion tips I have learnt overtime such as:

1. Always be a little overdressed for the occasion.  You feel great, with a little extra pep in your step, you stand out from the crowd, and you will never be embarrassed by what you are wearing.

My Best 5 Fashion Tips And Rules

2. Life is short, look good!  I spent three (LONG!) years in law school and most people wore sweats or didn’t give much thought to what they wore.  But law school was my destination each day, so I dressed to look cute and feel good.  Yes I was called Elle (from Legally Blonde), but why look shlubby just because you aren’t going to a job or meeting?

3. People form an opinion of you in the first 10 seconds of meeting you.  Make the impression as good as possible!

4. People are more forgiving if you are well-dressed.  We all have those dreaded moments as moms when our kids are not so happy waiting in line, at lunch, etc.  While we cannot control their behavior, we can control how we respond and also other people’s perceptions.  A child who is put-together will pull on people’s heart strings and give you a lot more slack for any possible tantrums.

5. Buy nice clothing, but only on sale or with discounts, and increase their longevity.  I don’t mind spending more on a nice dress for my daughter, but I will be upset if she can only wear it once before it has a massive stain on it.

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Best 5 Fashion Tips

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