August 24, 2016

Find Out What’s Inside A Celebrity Gift Bag

Let’s face it, everyone likes a gift bag.  Surprise goodies are carefully packed inside, just waiting for you to open them up, unbox them, and put a huge smile on your face.  And hopefully, be strategically styled for a photo shoot to share on Instagram or Instasnap (okay, Instagram Stories, but we all know it’s Insta / Snap hence my nickname).

The BEST gift bags are usually reserved for smaller, more intimate events with top influencers and celeb mom attendees.

I planned the Cosatto Launch Party at the pictureesque Malibu Farm Cafe, perched atop the Malibu Pier with a 360-degree view of the Pacific Ocean.

The Bag

So naturally, I decided to pack a diaper bag full of beach items.  Since the event was celebrating the launch of Cosatto’s new double stroller, the Supa Dupa, I naturally asked Skip Hop for a larger and wider diaper bag perfect for two kids and a double stroller.  The Double Duo Diaper Bag came in slate gray and chevron with white and slate gray.

I have gotten compliments from Leila at Inspired by This, who just had her 3rd baby, and LOVES it!

Next up is a beach towel.  But not just any beach towel, the roundie beach towel by The Beach People which is plush, super soft and has gorgeous designs that photograph SO well.  They also provided a beach bag with tiny holes in it, perfect for keeping sunscreen and toys in, and sand out.

Next up is a Sippy Cup, and I love the straw sippy cups from B.Box.  I prefer sippy cups with straws, as they are better for a child’s oral development.  These are leak-proof and super cute.

I personalized them with Mabel’s Labels with the child’s name of each attendee already on the cup with a cute design.  For this event, I went with dinosaur theme for the boys and a donut one for the girls.  Why? Because my kids picked.  Now you know what their back-to-school labels look like!

A beach day, or really any LA day, requires sunblock.  Because we have a lot of that, always.  I only use zinc and titanium, since they are physical blockers, and are not absorbed into the skin.  The problem is, they aren’t absorbed into the skin, and they are thick and white.  No one likes white sunscreen face or arm.  BUT theirs is clear.  Yay!  They also don’t contain chemicals that start with Oxy-.  So I packed Babo Botanicals 30 SPF Clear Sunblock Sticks.

I packed gorgeous ecofriendly and ultra plush diapers by Parasol Co, which are more disposable underwear than diapers.  They are so plush, and comfy, high performance, and the cutest prints.  Their wipes are also top of the line.  Check them out and get $20 off your first pack here.

No beach bag would be complete without some toys, like recycled and nontoxic Green Toys and wooden teething toys.  Kids also get thirsty, and I love Honest Kids juice boxes with organic ingredients and all juice.

Hope you enjoyed an unboxing of the gift bags for the Cosatto Stroller Launch Party!


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