March 8, 2018

How I Transformed My Hair With L’Oréal Paris Elvive!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of L’Oréal® Paris Elvive. The opinions and text are all mine.

So as you guys know, I curl my hair all the time. I love having super cute bouncy waves, it’s my go-to style.

But what I don’t talk about is the damage it does to my hair!

My hair goes through a lot, and I’m sure yours does too. Whether it’s heat tools, the occasional coloring, or just bad habits- I know I don’t always treat my hair the way it deserves.

That’s why I took the L’Oréal® Paris hair diagnostic test to see how damaged my hair really is.

I scored a level 2 on L’Oréal’s damage scale, not bad for a busy mom!

According to L’Oréal, my hair is dry at the ends from dehydration, being too rough on my wet hair, and over-washing it which can strip it of its natural oils.

But hope is not lost! My hair has been looking silkier and smoother than ever since taking their advice and heading to my local CVS to buy the new L’Oréal Paris Elvive treatments.

I can’t even believe the results after just one use! My hair looks and feels AMAZING, I can’t stop touching it.

The Elvive Total Repair 5 Protein Recharge is a leave-in hair treatment that nourishes your hair to make it stronger. It can even protect your hair up to 450 degrees of heat, which is perfect for someone like me who always reaches for her curling wand!

After I shampoo and condition like usual, I apply a tiny amount to my wet hair. It’s sooo easy, there’s no excuses anymore for not taking care of my hair.

My hair diagnostic test results also recommended I try the Elvive Extraordinary Oil, which I’m in love with!!

It’s only $6.99 at CVS and smooths all my fly-aways instantly. It’s lightweight and doesn’t feel oily, which is a huge plus! I put it in my hair after styling to make it look shiny and smooth, but you can put it in before styling too for an extra boost.

My hair is naturally dry with split-ends, but in just one use the Extraordinary Oil has been working to mend them. My hair looks healthier than ever. I’m telling you, this is my new Holy Grail serum.

You guys NEED to take the L’Oréal Paris hair diagnostic test to see what products you should be using to make your hair the healthiest it can be, you won’t regret it! My hair has been transformed, the proof is in one use.

All of these Elvive treatments can be found in the hair care aisle at CVS.

These products are super affordable, but you can find even more offers in-store at the peel and reveal event between March 8th – March 11th.

There will be a beauty consultant offering advice and answering any questions you might have. You should definitely check out which one of your local CVS stores is offering this awesome event!

I’d love to hear what Elvive treatments L’Oréal Paris recommends to you when you take the test, so be sure to let me know.

Did you have the same results as me?

Did you get recommended the Elvive Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm or the Elvive Color Vibrancy Repair and Protect Balm? I didn’t try those, but I’m dying to know how they work!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of L’Oréal® Paris Elvive.  The opinions and text are all mine.

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